What is it?

Drag CAGS is simply energizing the CAGS solenoid after shifting into 3rd gear. CAGS locks out 2nd gear, preventing the dreaded 3rd -> 2nd gear shift. The CAGS solenoid is wired up to a switch attached to the shifter. Energize CAGS with the switch after shifting into 3rd gear.


The name Drag CAGS was the idea of Andrew Bocchicchio. I got the idea from reading the horror stories on LS1.COM about people bending pushrods because they accidentally speed shift from 3rd to 2nd gear at high RPM. Going into 2nd gear at 90+ MPH can cause major damage to your pride and joy and some people are having trouble getting the dealership to cover this under warranty. The rev limiter is not any help in this situation because it is a mechanical overrev. The side effect of this in my case is that I was terrified to speed shift into 4th gear and my ET's suffered as a result.

The neat thing about Drag CAGS is that it makes the useless CAGS solenoid into a tool that can provide you with piece of mind and prevent you from detonating your precious LS1. If the CAGS solenoid is energized, you are not prevented from shifting out of any gear. You are prevented from shifting into 2nd or 3rd. If you energize the CAGS solenoid and miss 4th gear, the rev limiter will save you because CAGS will prevent the dreaded 3rd to 2nd gear shift.


This is for educational purposes only. If performing this mod causes galactic implosion, bodily injury, complete destruction of your car, embarrassment, loss of employment, or impotence, it is not the fault of me or anyone else. Perform this modification at your own risk!



Where is the CAGS solenoid?
Look at the !CAGS MOD on LS1 to see pictures of where the solenoid and connector is. Drag CAGS requires some modification to the basic !CAGS mod.

How do I remove the center console?
Look at the Aftermarket Shifter installation instructions on LS1 to see how to remove the console.

Do you have a simple wiring diagram
Look at this simple picture and don't laugh!


    Uninstall the !CAGS mod if applicable.
    Clip the 2 wires running to the CAGS solenoid about 1/2 way between the connector and the wiring harness.
    Connect the 2 wires going into the wiring harness with the 2.2k OHM resistor
    Preferably solder or twist and wrap with electrical tape, the 2.2k ohm resistor in the wires going into the wiring harness.
    Wrap the 2.2k ohm resistor with electrical tape and secure it to the wiring harness with wire ties.
    Remove the center console
    Connect 18 AWG wire to the pink wire and run this through the wiring harness into the console area of the car. Run the wiring through the shifter boot and connect it to the switch. Run the other side of the switch back through the shifter boot and to the hot (red) wire of the cigarette lighter. Splice it in, I used a wire connector that splices 2 wires together to do this.
    Connect the black wire of the CAGS switch to ground. There are several good ground points around the transmission or alternately under the console.
    Make sure the CAGS connector is connected to the CAGS solenoid and reinstall the console.
    Secure the switch to your shifter handle with wire ties and electrical tape.
    Some simple tests:
    With the door open, and the car off, you should be able to hear the CAGS solenoid engage when you turn on the switch.
    Once everything is reconnected and reinstalled, take the car out on the road and see if it works. I would recommend testing it at slow speed and easy shifting at first. Once you are comfortable and everything seems to work....
    Launch hard and start going through the gears. Once you get into 3rd gear, energize the CAGS solenoid. Shift into 4th without fear of going into 2nd.


    If you want to know if the solenoid is energized for sure, get a 12V DC light and wire this inline with the switch. When CAGS is energized the light comes on.

    Some people don't want to cut the wires on the CAGS connector. It shouldn't be too hard to connect the wires for the Drag CAGS directly up to the solenoid without cutting the wiring.

    If you see any errors, something is confusing in the instructions, or you just want to tell me how you did the Drag CAGS mod, send email to David McMillan

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