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The first "next next gen console on the market going on sale in november of 2005 a full year before any of the others (Nintendo WII&Playstation 3)had even announced the release date of their console. Because of it's release date it made it an automatic hit for christmas gifts and quickly sold out. soon though peoples brand new xbox 360's began to quit working because of a GPU (graphics proccer) error and were pulled until early the next year. Microsoft offered a free replacement of any of the consoles that had the warranty on it all others were left out. Now though they have ways to keep the GPU cool while the games are being played on the console a fan that connects directly to the power port on the back of the xbox. For now the Xbox 360 has a few good titles but everyones attention is turned torward the release of Halo 3 which will be released exclusively on the Xbox 360 in Spring 2007.
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