int main() {
  printf("%s\n", "ahoy, world!");
  return 0;

gcc -Wall -march=native about.html -o melsabae; ./melsabae

my name is mohammad el-sabae, and im learning about everything. considering how much that is, im making good time. the sad thing is, i'm only getting a degree in computer science.

SALUG has offered me this space to tell my lies, under the guise of telling you who i am with the intention of bringing in more future SALUG members

i'm leaving this page here to tinker on for a later date, and in the off chance i actually need to use it

server admin/hardware support/programmer/designer/student/text editor/maker-up of things in slash delimited lists

languages: c, python, javascript, bash, regex, sed, sql, html, css, and the pompatus of love.