Installing the SALUG SSL certificate in Windows

If you're getting Internet Security Warning messages when you use Outlook, follow these instructions to install the SALUG SSL certificate as a Trusted Root Certification Authority.

Let's get started:

  1. Configure your mail client to connect to mail.salug.org on port 993 with SSL.

    Configure your mail server

  2. Download and open the SALUG certificate.
    salug.cer (1K)

    Download the certificate

  3. After opening the certificate you will be presented with a dialog showing the certificate name and other identification information. You'll want to click the Install Certificate button.

    Install the certificate

  4. Next, Windows will ask you where to store the certificate. Choose the Place certificates in the following store option and click browse. Choose Trusted Root Certification Authorities from the list.

    Select Trusted Root Certification Authority from the list

  5. Finally, click the finish button to wrap things up. Depending on which security updates you have applied to your copy of Windows, you may be prompted to confirm your actions. If this happens, by all means, do what it asks.

    All done